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We aspire to help you reopen in a smart and safe manner while simultaneously addressing the consumer experience beyond C19. We don’t necessarily think of the “new normal” as something negative or vastly different from the inevitable; we believe the current circumstances have simply accelerated the times. That said, we see the “new normal” as a means for improving the consumer experience, allowing businesses to operate more efficiently and ultimately improving people’s lives. Lets embrace change together and work towards a better tomorrow. 

reMADE is uniquely suited to offer multiple services all under one roof— a one stop shop if you will. 

Our diverse team and service offerings make things a little easier on businesses to reOPEN and will ultimately provide a more cohesive brand experience. 


Companies need to reimagine their business model & overall marketing plans. Our boutique strategy team will develop scalable marketing plans allowing businesses to iterate with the times.


Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare & Workplaces will need to redesign environments to accommodate new spatial requirements. Our Architecture, Interiors & Graphics teams will work together to reinvent the consumer experience.



Yes, many businesses will need sneeze guards and assorted barriers (we can help with that) but we can also reBUILD furniture & interior elements. We have fabrication facilities on the east & west coast.



Reservations will be more important than ever before. Our new digital reservation, ordering, and rewards system will improve help both businesses and consumers alike.